Landry is a designer, art director, curator and amongst all, an outstanding documentary/street photographer.

With an exceptional solo show in Barcelona 2012 ‘When the Cats Away…’. Landry has exhibited internationally since, and an extent body of work can currently be seen at Colorama Festival in Biarritz until January 2021.

Lina has always found pleasure in the handcraft, with a passion for analogue photography and bookmaking. Recently she had the calling for the healing arts (bodywork). Her aim with her artistic expressions has always been of the same tone; to ease, sooth, for expansion and growth.

With a solo show in Barcelona 2013 ‘As rhythm was easy’ she has since been featured in various group shows, recently some of her work were exhibited in the art collective ‘Alchemy of her’ in Ibiza 2020.

Here as FCOP we have come together (since 2014) to share and promote our passion for photography and the printed matters, thoughtfully curating exhibitions and promoting limited edition prints.

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