The artist – photographer Landry A. (born in Toulouse, 1978), is a traveler who captures spontaneous situations encountered over the course of his trips through various cities of Europe, Latin America & the US. His nightlife collections reflect the activities of the throbbing underbelly of Barcelona, not even the tiniest detail of the night-time spirit able elude his sharp eye …. Highlights of his more commercial ventures include fashion photography, his style typically young, urban and contemporary with a strong conceptual content. Landry currently lives and works in Barcelona.
As one wades through Landry’s work, reality takes shape through the spectator’s imagination. The boundaries between function and reality are blurred; the street and all things ordinary, moments unimportant to most, anonymous figures, all of these transformed into a stage filled with beautiful, decadent characters redefined in the ambiguous realm of “cool”. Snapshot of the enjoyment of a generation are amplified under the photographer’s lens, gathered and documented in a manner which captures the values of young adults caught in perpetual adolescence.
The work of Landry is an illustrated feature of real places and events. There is no montage and from a technical perspective, Landry is a strict and rigorous photographer. The atmosphere, lighting, situations, movements, the millisecond he chooses to capture represent his magical and bizarre vision of the world.

Paula Riveros

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